NZ Politics Daily: 24 July 2023

NZ Politics Daily: 24 July 2023

Craig McCulloch (RNZ): Kiri Allan charged with reckless driving and resisting arrest, resigns as Justice Minister, PM says
1News: Kiri Allan to resign from all portfolios following arrest
1News: Kiri Allan: ‘I’m very sorry for my actions’
Newshub: Kiri Allan quits after being charged with reckless driving, resisting arrest, PM Chris Hipkins confirms
Stuff: Live: Justice Minister Kiri Allan charged after car crash, resigns as minister
Stuff: Kiri Allan resigns as minister, charged with reckless driving and resisting arrest
Herald, RNZ: Justice Minister Kiri Allan resigns after being charged with reckless driving, resisting arrest
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): For Christ’s sake Kiri – Minister resigns immediately after latest self inflicted blunder

Vernon Small (Stuff): Tactical voting is becoming redundant on current political polling
John Campbell (1News): The politics of poverty
Claire Trevett (Herald): National and Act’s phony war, how far will it go and at what cost? (paywalled)
Grant Duncan: After a policy bonfire comes a bidding war
Mike Munro (Herald): With Labour and National neck and neck in the polls leaders must beware a Brethren-sized blunder (paywalled)
Janet Wilson (Stuff): Labour tramples its principles in a grab for the centre vote
Steve Braunias (Herald): The Secret Diary of … Christopher Luxon (paywalled)
Damien Grant (Stuff): The principles that ACT should be sticking up for
Glenn McConnell (Post): Polling suggests Te Pāti Māori edging towards a historic result? (paywalled)
Herald Editorial: Are we talking ourselves into a Vibecession? (paywalled)
Kelly Dennett (Stuff): Why is Barbie more inspiring than our politicians?
Sam Stubbs (Stuff): Our greatest institutions: Why New Zealand is still a great place to live
Peter Wilson (RNZ): The Week in Politics: Labour strikes back – who’s soft on crime now?
Claire Trevett (Herald): Beehive Diaries: Sir John Key writes with an apology request, a bright spot for Paul Goldsmith in Act’s Epsom poll, a birthday surprise for Chris Luxon (paywalled)
1News: Inside Parliament: Parties jostle for ‘poll’ position
Glenn McConnell and Bridie Witton (Post): Football diplomacy kicks off amid crime concern in Auckland (paywalled)
Post: Hang on … What? Luxon’s accidental Opposition quip (paywalled)
Michele Hewitson (Listener/Herald): Christopher Luxon’s hilarious photo-op shows the ‘glamourous’ side of politics (paywalled)
Thomas Coughlan (Herald): Political Diaries: 4000 secret interviews recorded with politicians since 1980s – but you still can’t listen to any of them (paywalled)
RNZ: Parlimentary workplace culture ‘improved significantly’ since damning 2019 review – report
Thomas Coughlan (Herald): Parliament workplace culture review: Debbie Francis finds MPs lack appetite to improve
Stuff: Generally Famous: MPs weren’t always people to me, says regretful Paddy Gower
Tracy Watkins (Post): John Key’s revenge: He’s officially ‘word perfect’ (paywalled)
Gray Gibson (Newshub Nation): Backstory: Labour MP Anna Lorck recalls personal journey to politics

Maiki Sherman (1News): Poll: Country divided on race relations
1News: Poll shows how public feel about secondary teachers’ strikes
Dileepa Fonseka (BusinessDesk): National and Labour suffer in polls from the missing middle (paywalled)
RNZ: Mediawatch: Poll analysis unhitches itself from reality

Luke Malpass (Stuff): Crime and punishment in the general election
Andrea Vance (Post): Will shooting be moment Labour lost control of election campaign? (paywalled)
Bridie Witton (Stuff): How will the Auckland shooting shape the election?
Jarrod Gilbert (Herald): Devil in the details for ‘tough on crime’ calls (paywalled)
Dale Husband (E-Tangata): Police Commissioner Andrew Coster: Our goal is to be smart on crime
RNZ: Escalated gun crime expected to remain a problem for years – police
Mike White and Tony Wall (Stuff): How ‘generational anger’ led to chaos in down town Auckland
Derek Cheng (Herald): Why the gunman was given home detention, and how that’s meant to reduce reoffending – but does it? (paywalled)
Katie Harris (Herald): Auckland shooting: Family of victim Tupuga Sipiliano, community leader Alf Filipaina share heartfelt messages
Rachel Moore (Stuff): Gunshot wound injuries: What does the hospital data say about firearms?
Rachel Moore (Stuff): Noticeable increase’ in gang and drug related gunshot wounds, ED doctor says
Anna Rankin (Guardian): Auckland shooting revives debate over gun control in New Zealand
Simon Shepherd and Gray Gibson (Newshub Nation): Labour’s Megan Woods denies party has been slow to act on youth crime and justice
David Seymour (Herald): Act’s justice policy is the result of learning from past mistakes (paywalled)
RNZ: National pressures government to abandon plan for fewer prison inmates
Sharon Brettlkelly (RNZ): The Detail: Setting prisoners up for failure
Emma Hatton (Newsroom): Successful social bond to fund youth offending service is to end
Nicola Coupe (Post): Youth offenders need positive support, not more punishment (paywalled)
Arena Williams and Stuart Smith (Stuff): Being scammed is not an experience I would wish upon anyone
Sasha Borissenko: Duty lawyer pay rise – a win or slap in the face? (paywalled)
Marama Davidson (Post): Challenging the culture that gave rise to the Mama Hooch assaults (paywalled)

1News: Winston Peters coy on idea of coalition with National
Tim Murphy (Newsroom): One word missing in Peters’ campaign launch
Richard Harman (Politik): NZ First’s succession question (paywalled)
Glenn McConnell (Stuff): ‘Take our country back’: Winston Peters fires up as he launches comeback campaign
Glenn McConnell (Stuff): ‘God defend … Winston’: The NZ First faithful gather for election 2023
Adam Pearse (Herald): NZ First’s Winston Peters on biggest threat to its campaign
Adam Pearse (Herald): NZ First’s Winston Peters promises inflation-adjusted income tax brackets, tax incentives
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Winston Peters references Auckland CBD shooting in call for ‘justice, common sense’ to be returned to NZ
Amelia Wade (Newshub): New Zealand First leader Winston Peters warming up for comeback as party selects new faces
Adam Pearse (Herald): Former Shortland Street star, now NZ First candidate, decries ‘woke virus’ in schools ‘sexualising’ children

Michael Neilson (Herald): Green Party launches campaign with wealth tax priority as it warns Labour not to ‘take support for granted’
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Greens send warning shot at Labour at campaign launch
1News: Greens launch election campaign, unveil new slogan
Bridie Witton (Stuff): ‘No vision, no courage, no moral compass’: James Shaw takes aim at National and ACT at campaign launch
Bridie Witton (Stuff): Poverty, climate focus of Green’s 2023 election campaign
Kelvin McDonald (Whakaata Māori): Davidson’s election focus on purposeful change not ‘the two Chrises’
RNZ: Greens promising bold action on poverty, climate change
Emma Hatton (Newsroom): Greens dig deep to get back to grassroots politics

1News: ACT proposes privately-built roads, funded by tolls, not taxpayers
Thomas Coughlan (Herald): Act wants more toll roads, PPPs to plug infrastructure gap
Rachel Sadler (Newshub): ACT wants to ‘supercharge’ road development through public-private partnerships, toll roads
Stuff: ACT looks to private investors, new tolls to finance new roads
RNZ: Act announces policy to tackle ‘woeful’ state of our roads
Brent Edwards (NBR): Act’s proposal to change how roads are funded (paywalled)
ODT Editorial: Getting the South Island back on track (paywalled)
Todd Niall (Stuff): Bus patronage blips above pre-Covid levels in Auckland
Todd Niall (Stuff): $5m subsidy from Auckland ratepayers’ fails to reduce port freight on roads
Erin Johnson (Stuff): ‘Strong case’ for changing Waiheke ferry status – report finds

Brian Easton (Pundit): Taxing Issues
Terry Baucher (Interest): Te wiki o te tāke: IRD foils Companies Office miss

Liam Dann (Herald): Nation of debt: How much more do Kiwis owe? (paywalled)
Liam Dann (Herald): Show us some vision – dismal politics far from a beautiful game (paywalled)
Dan Brunskill (NBR): How does New Zealand’s economy compare to nations we typically like to compare ourselves with?
Dean Anderson (Stuff): Opportunity lost: KiwiSaver vision missing in looming election despite $2 trillion potential

RNZ: ‘Staggering’ rise in older Kiwis renting predicted
Maioha Panapa (Whakaata Māori): Waikato-Tainui and Crown sign major new housing development deal
Oliver Lewis (BusinessDesk): Simplicity Living ramps up build-to-rent programme (paywalled)
Geraden Cann (Stuff): Settlement looming, no finance sorted, for new build

Nicholas Jones (Herald): ‘Racial bias’ in paediatrics exam favours white candidates, doctors claim; College of Physicians investigates pass rates (paywalled)
1News: Q+A: National’s Reti says he followed rules while shadowing medics
Kevin Norquay (Post): Fears new bureaucracy will lead to delays on common medical devices (paywalled)
Rachel Thomas (Stuff): Stores within stores: The loophole dairies exploit in vape store restrictions
Anneke Smith (RNZ): Government spends fraction of $38 million it promised for methamphetamine programme
Nikki Macdonald (Post): Opioid overdose – dangerously addictive, overused and often ineffective (paywalled)
Nikki Macdonald (Stuff): ‘Nothing short of astonishing’: Health Ministry to recommend reversal of opioid access loosening blunder
Rayssa Almeida (RNZ): Concern over nitrous oxide abuse as hospital sees rise in spinal injuries
Eda Tang (Stuff): Discrimination and trauma contributing to psychosis risk in Māori – study
Hamish McNeilly (Stuff): Privacy breach involving dozens of vulnerable children
Rachel Thomas (Stuff): Support workers picket Nurse Maude offices over pay and working conditions
Louisa Steyl (Southland Times): Oral health a problem and a priority for healthcare prototype
Greg Hurrell (BusinessDesk): Countdown pharmacy case could render 308 pharmacy licences invalid (paywalled)

Peter de Graaf (RNZ): Far North mayor Moko Tepania wins award that recognises work to promote youth in politics
1News: Auckland’s historic St James Theatre to be restored
Caroline Williams and Glenn McConnell (Stuff): Government pledges $15m for restoration of Auckland’s derelict St James Theatre
RNZ, Zane Small (Newshub): Government pledges millions to restore Auckland’s St James Theatre
Brent Edwards (NBR): Funding conditions must be met before St James is restored (paywalled)
Sue Teodoro (Local Democracy Reporting): South Wairarapa farmers take it to the council

Fran O’Sullivan (Herald): It’s time for New Zealand and Australia to get closer again on the economic playing field (paywalled)
Felix Desmarais (1News): US Secretary of State to visit New Zealand
Kelvin Anthony (RNZ): Australia prepared to backup Solomon Islands military plans ‘when asked’
Hele Christopher-Ikimotu (E-Tangata): Our land died so others could live
Shane Te Pou (Herald): New Zealand Government recognises Māori rights; indigenous Australians have no voice (paywalled)

Eddie Clark (Post): Immigration system is cruel both by accident and design (paywalled)
Lucy Xia (RNZ): ‘It’s too much of a trade-off’ – call to scrap Accredited Employer Work Visa scheme

Amy Wiggins (Herald): Education Minister Jan Tinetti seeks advice on Australia’s controversial teacher training overhaul (paywalled)
John Gerritsen (RNZ): University of Waikato reveals $16.8 million deficit for 2022
Matthew Littlewood (ODT): Uni’s plan ‘wishful thinking’ (paywalled)
Jimmy Ellingham (RNZ): ‘It destroys the value of university’ – Massey staff take stand against cuts
George Heagney (Manawatū Standard): Massey to cut degree in Palmerston North as university looks to manage financial situation
Gail Pacheco, Lisa Meehan and Thomas Schober (The Conversation): Curriculum changes must tackle lifelong consequences of New Zealand’s alarming literacy, numeracy declines
Will Trafford (Whakaata Maori): Racism and early school leaving link with Māori youth, report
Gianina Schwanecke (Stuff): ‘Overlooked’ parents form new ECE Parents Council
Katherine Rich (Post): Putting nylon carpet in schools reeks of government hypocrisy (paywalled)

Kate MacNamara (Herald): DoC paying bonus of up to $3500 a year for civil servants’ Māori language proficiency (paywalled)
Tīhema Baker (E-Tangata): Putting Pākehā in the shoes of a colonised people

Jonah Franke-Bowell (Stuff): Benchtop maker’s high-silica stone ban thought to be an NZ first
Aimee Shaw (Stuff): Hospitality power list: The companies behind $13 billion industry
Jem Traylen (BusinessDesk): Crackdown on land covenants a waste of time, says 2degrees founder Tex Edwards (paywalled)
Ethan Oneroa (Te Karere): ‘Iconic’ Ngāpuhi gas station sale sparks controversy

Kelly Dennett (Stuff): Public Interest Journalism Fund closes
Shayne Currie (Herald): New TVNZ chair Alastair Carruthers opens up on the future of television, a new CEO and diversity on our screens – Media Insider interview (paywalled)
Finn Blackwell (RNZ): US Second Gentleman meets with Jacinda Ardern on Christchurch Call
Zane Small (Newshub): Dame Jacinda Ardern makes rare media appearance amid Christchurch Call meeting with US Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff

K Gurunathan (Stuff): Time to give up on the false hope and prepare for the worst from climate change
Tania Page (1News): Pine trees: A force for good or bad in the climate change fight?
Eric Crampton (The Post): With friends like these, does the Emissions Trading Scheme need enemies? (paywalled)
Jonathan Milne (Newsroom): Fonterra offers dairy farmers help to meet a new emissions intensity target
Rachael Kelly (Southland Times): Groundswell NZ holding meetings about new freshwater farm plans
Te Kapunga Dewes (Newsroom): Māori foresters angry at ‘destruction of value’ in emissions trading scheme
Isobel Ewing (Newshub): National promises new Minister for Hunting and Fishing, will stop game animals being classified as pests
Andrea Vance (Stuff): The slow death of a 200-year-old fish
Mary Williams (ODT): The River’s Turn: The Battle for the Manuherikia

Maxine Jacobs (Manawatū Standard): ‘Pull her pants down’: Woman dragged from Palmerston North anti co-governance meeting
Newshub: Protester injured after getting dragged out of anti-co-governance meeting in Palmerston North
Alecia Rousseau (Manawatū Standard): Anti co-governance event in Palmerston North in limbo as venue pulls out

RNZ: The dark shadow of disinformation cast over our election
RNZ: Undercurrent: Misinformation in Aotearoa Episode three: Natural born skeptics
Tom McKinlay (ODT): Haters gonna hate

Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Census ‘bribes’ topped $1 million
Michael Daly (Stuff): ‘Global megatrends’ putting critical infrastructure system under pressure
Shanti Mathias (Spinoff): Where is New Zealand’s legislation against modern day slavery?
Andrea Vance (Stuff): Pundit’s $820k grants to map how the rich and powerful lobby (paywalled)
Shelley Burne-Field (E-Tangata): My name is spelled ‘Araraina’
Brian Easton (Pundit): Do We Want A Regulatory Standards Act?
Catherine Hubbard (Nelson Mail): Historic property case could have wide ripples
Ged Cann (Post): 13-year-old consent to sell Bay of Islands lots to foreigners upheld (paywalled)
Nevil Gibson (NBR): The watchers and the watched: Secret History: The History of Security Intelligence in 20th century New Zealand
Annemarie Quill (Stuff): PM Chris Hipkins’ niece adopted as ‘good luck charm’ after Football Ferns’ win