NZ Politics Daily: 4 October 2021

NZ Politics Daily: 4 October 2021

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Today’s content

Level decision
Marc Daalder (Newsroom): Elimination is the quickest way out of lockdown but can it be done?
Jane Patterson (RNZ): The signs are not good for any imminent move to level 2 for Auckland
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Expert’s blunt message to the Govt as it ponders level 2 for Auckland – ‘How brutal do you want to go?’
Marc Daalder (Newsroom): With Auckland on a ‘knife edge’, experts urge against Level 2
Grant Miller (ODT): Level 1 doubtful — Baker
Ireland Hendry-Tennant (Newshub): Epidemiologist Michael Baker says it’s unlikely Auckland will move to alert level 2 this week, elimination ‘technically possible’ but ‘very tough’
Rowan Quinn (RNZ): Reported Covid-19 cases likely just the tip of the iceberg, experts say
Derek Cheng (Herald): Why level 2 in Auckland would be like throwing kindling on Delta embers on a windy day (paywalled)
Stuff: How likely is level 2 for Auckland?
Marc Daalder (Newsroom): Bloomfield: Level 1 freedoms a thing of the past
Tova O’Brien (Newshub): Auckland to transition out of lockdown rather than immediate shift, Jacinda Ardern hints
Thomas Manch (Stuff): Auckland seems set to remain in Covid-19 alert level 3 lockdown as the virus appears across the border in Waikato
William Hewett (Newshub): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern doesn’t regret moving Auckland down to alert level 3
Thomas Manch (Stuff): PM Jacinda Ardern warns lockdowns will continue without more vaccination
Hamish Rutherford (Herald): Business groups say keeping Auckland border shut is ‘not an option’
Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB) Despite case numbers, could Auckland go to Level 2?
Herald: Editorial: Level 2, Auckland border trade-off on the cards (paywalled)
Virginia Fallon and Adam Jacobson (Stuff): ‘Auckland is tired’: Patience frays as city faces possible lockdown extension 
David Seymour (Stuff): Auckland trapped between an old strategy that no longer works, and an abyss
Heather du Plessis-Allan (Newstalk ZB): It’s still looking good for some form of Level 2 for Auckland next week
Kate Hawkesby (Newstalk ZB): What Delta Level 2.5 will look like for Auckland
Adam Jacobson (Stuff):‘I just want to stay safe’: Aucklanders not keen for rushed move to level 2
Amber Allott and Matthew Tso (Stuff): ‘Aucklanders, we love you, but stay where you are’
Evan Harding (Stuff): Southland leaders: Time to get out of alert level 2
Heather du Plessis-Allan (Herald): Auckland angry as Covid lockdown drags on (paywalled)

Govt Covid response
Patrick Gower (Newshub): Intensive care specialists fear New Zealand’s health system will be overwhelmed by COVID
Matthew Hooton: The Covid speech Ardern should give today (paywalled)
Andrea Vance (Stuff): Fluctuating positions and arbitrary rule changes suggest we’ve lost control of the outbreak
Herald Editorial: As exhausting as New Zealand’s Covid 19 Delta outbreak is, it can still be subdued(paywalled)
Richard Harman (Politik): Moving beyond elimination (paywalled)
Keith Lynch (Stuff): That most controversial 1pm Covid press conference, explained
Eva Corlett (Guardian): ‘Clearly not working’: How New Zealand’s consensus on striving for Covid zero is finally cracking
Scott Palmer (Newshub): Judith Collins, David Seymour say Jacinda Ardern’s ‘lost control’ after COVID spreads into Waikato
Rosie Collins (Spinoff): NZ faces big decisions on opening up. What can we learn from Singapore?
RNZ: Community ties essential to contain ‘aggressive’ tail-end of Delta – Minister for Pacific Peoples
Hone Harawira (Daily Blog): We’re Māori not mushrooms
David Farrar (Kiwiblog): The human rights we have temporarily suspended
Paul Spoonley (Stuff): How will history remember our pandemic response?
John Roughan (Herald): Vaccination is the only way out of this siege (paywalled)

Waikato and Palmerston North cases
Scott Palmer (Newshub): Experts react to two positive Waikato coronavirus cases
1 News: Waikato regions wouldn’t be in lockdown if more people were vaccinated – Ardern
Hamish Carwell (RNZ): Covid-19 testing capacity expanded in Waikato after two local cases
Qiuyi Tan (Herald): People turned away from two Hamilton testing centres after positive Covid case
1 News: Hamilton, parts of Waikato join Auckland at Alert Level 3
William Hewett and Heather McCarron (Newshub): University of Auckland professor of medicine Des Gorman slams Government over handling of COVID-19 pandemic after truckie case
Mark Quinlivan (Newshub): Why isn’t Palmerston North moving to alert level 3 with Waikato after truckie case? Jacinda Ardern and Ashley Bloomfield explain
Jono Galuszka (Stuff): Palmerston North, Rangitīkei residents urged to get tested and vaccinated
Mark Quinlivan (Newshub): Multiple locations of interest identified after truck driver who travelled to Palmerston North tests positive
Scott Palmer (Newshub): Auckland truck driver who travelled to Palmerston North tests positive for COVID-19

Mandatory vaccination, incentives
Jason Walls (Newstalk ZB): Forget the vaccination carrot and stick – Ardern needs to bring out buckets of cash and a sword
1 News: Air NZ considering unvaccinated traveller ban for domestic flights
1 News: Unvaccinated travellers to be banned from international Air NZ flights
Mark Quinlivan (Newshub): Vaccination compulsory for international travel on Air New Zealand flights from February, airline reveals
RNZ: Air NZ to introduce ‘no jab, no fly’ policy for global flights
Derek Cheng (Herald): Air NZ will require all international passengers to be fully vaccinated
1 News: From Nov 1 non-NZ citizens must be fully vaccinated to enter country
Herald: Non-citizens will need vaccination to come to New Zealand
Thomas Manch (Stuff): Government will require non-NZ citizens to have Covid vaccine before entering New Zealand
Herald:Auckland businesses seek ‘no jab, no job’ mandate, lobby group says Wellington “asleep at the wheel”
Holly Hendry (Newshub): Christchurch retailers want Government to mandate vaccinations for customers – survey
Sam Stubbs (Stuff): Vaccination drive needs less science and more carrots and sticks
Sasha Borissenko (Herald): Can your boss force you to get vaccinated? What the law says (paywalled)
Jane Bowron (Stuff): Vaccine opportunism is the name of the game 

Vaccine rollout
Sam Olley (RNZ): Henare says he’s having ‘uncomfortable conversations’ about Māori vaccination rates
Tim Brown (RNZ): Covid-19 vaccine uptake among Māori 2/3 of general population
Jarrod Gilbert (Herald): We need the gangs on board for the Covid fight (paywalled)
Ben Strang (RNZ): Police questioned own vaccine approach after poor uptake of bookings
1 News: Experts urge for more Covid-19 vaccine incentives to boost lagging groups
Torika Tokalau (Stuff): Pasifika vaccine pop-ups working, but hard conversations needed – expert
Paul Catmur (Herald): How Genghis Khan would’ve got the population vaccinated (paywalled)
Stuff: NZ needs to hit 95% jab rate to avoid ‘brutal’ alternative, expert says
Henry Cooke (Stuff): Vaccine programme stalling as number of first doses shrinks
David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Vaccination rates have paused
Derek Cheng (Herald): Ashley Bloomfield on Covid 19 Delta variant and our most vulnerable regions(paywalled)
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): The spectrum of AntiVaxx & hesitancy in NZ vs 90% vaccination
Janika ter Ellen (Newshub): Vaccinologist predicts Government will roll out a third Pfizer vaccine dose for immunocompromised Kiwis soon
Herald Editorial: Generous incentives for vaccine uptake (paywalled)
Elspeth Frascatore (Herald): Doctors Stand Up For Vaccination founder Elspeth Frascatore – the pandemic through another lens
Jane Nixon (1 News): Ministry of Health debunks fake vaccine exemption cards
Michelle Cooke (RNZ): New Zealand’s most Googled questions answered
Will Trafford (Māori TV): GPs to start phoning patients amid vaccination slump
Maja Burry (RNZ): Farmer who contracted Covid-19 urges public to get vaccinated
Whatitiri Te Wake (Māori TV): Wainuiomata Marae doing its bit to get vaccination numbers up
Karen Pasco (ODT): Vaccination clinic aimed at removing barriers
George Hillary (Herald): When Sir Ed Hillary helped vaccinate the Khumbu (paywalled)

Cases, demographics
Michael Morrah (Newshub): Man with COVID-19, believed to have gang links, allowed to isolate at home
Rawiri Taonui (Māori TV): Māori the highest number of new cases for third day
RNZ: Parent of baby in neonatal unit at Auckland City Hospital tests positive
William Hewett (Newshub): Person tests positive for COVID-19 after showing up at Middlemore Hospital for unrelated issue

Stephen Forbes (Local Democracy Reporting): Only 7% getting tested in Auckland’s suburbs of interest
Riley Kennedy (ODT): Saliva test developed in Dunedin quick and simple to use

National, Act, John Key’s Covid plans
Brian Ng (Guardian): John Key calling New Zealand’s Covid response ‘North Korean’ feeds the lockdown deniers
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Sir John Key says business response to COVID-19 plan ‘overwhelming positive’, swats away criticism from ‘Twitter’
Lloyd Burr (Magic): The former Prime Minister shook the Beehive to its core. But, why?
Damien Grant (Stuff): John Key is yesterday’s man
Grant Robertson (Herald): Why John Key was wrong about ‘hermit kingdom’ and our virus fight
Victor Billot (Newsroom): An ode for .. Sir John Key
Jon Johansson (Stuff): Politics is about power, and John Key is still making waves
Melanie Carroll (Stuff): NZ companies crave certainty, Sir John Key tells business event
Andrew Gunn (Stuff): Freedom wins, but who gets to die another day?
Steve Braunias (Herald): The secret diary of the Hermit Kingdom (paywalled)

Alert level rules, compliance, enforcement, anti-lockdown protests
Chris Trotter (Interest): Queen’s pawns take bishop
RNZ: Prime minister slates Destiny Church over ‘illegal, morally wrong’ gathering
Herald: Ardern says Brian Tamaki’s protest a ‘slap in the face’ to Aucklanders
Madison Reidy (Newshub): No arrests at Brian Tamaki’s anti-lockdown protest, police deny crowd got ‘special treatment’
RNZ: Hundreds break lockdown rules to protest restrictions
Ben Leahy (Herald): Brian Tamaki’s Auckland lockdown protest rally ‘highly irresponsible’, expert says
Emma Stanford and Matt Burrows (Newshub): Health expert warns Brian Tamaki’s COVID-19 protest is a ‘potential super-spreader event’
Newstalk ZB: Auckland mayor: Police were put in a tough position with Saturday’s protest
Tūmamao Harawira and Will Trafford (Māori TV): Lockdown protestors descend on Auckland Domain
Caroline Williams (Stuff): Fears of virus spread after Brian Tamaki’s anti-lockdown protest in Auckland
Māori TV: Bishop Tamaki promises minister ‘no trouble’ at Covid protest
Dan Satherley and Caitlin Ellis (Newshub): Anti-lockdown protesters labelled ‘dickheads’, gathering at the ‘worse time’
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Brian Tamaki and other anti-vaxxers ‘probably beyond redemption’, will end up in ICU – Auckland Mayor Phil Goff
William Hewett and Edward O’Driscoll (Newshub): Over thousand turn up to Brian Tamaki’s anti-lockdown protest in Auckland
William Hewett (Newshub): Brian Tamaki’s anti-vaccination protest in Auckland finishes with loud haka
1 News: Brian Tamaki’s anti-lockdown rally draws large Auckland crowd
Scott Palmer (Newshub): New Zealanders react with rage after Brian Tamaki holds anti-lockdown protest
William Hewett (Newshub): Auckland anti-lockdown protest in pictures
David Farrier (Webworm): Destiny Church isn’t the Problem
Curwen Ares Rolinson (Daily Blog): On Brian Tamaki As Charismatic Frontman For The Commentariat’s Anti-Covid Control Agenda
Liz Gordon (Daily Blog): Liberty and equality: the anti-lockdown marches
Renae Lolohea (Herald): A peaceful picnic discontent
Audrey Malone (1 News): Auckland lawyer under investigation after attending Hawke’s Bay races
Herald: Auckland lawyer investigated after attending Hawke’s Bay races
Sam Sherwood and Sophie Cornish (Stuff):Police investigating after hundreds turn out for funeral of man killed in crash
William Hewett (Newshub): National MP Simeon Brown attacks Government over lack of transparency with COVID-19 in gangs
1 News: Simeon Brown slams gang members breaking Level 3 rules at Auckland funeral
Matt Burrows (Newshub): Headhunters funeral procession in west Auckland appears to flout COVID-19 alert level 3 rules
RNZ: Police clear crowds gathered at West Auckland funeral home
Amy Wiggins and Lynley Ward (Herald): Funeral director surprised to learn top cop breached border to go to burial
Mitchell Alexander (Newshub): COVID-19 lockdown arrest: Man taken in by police outside Parliament after escaping Auckland
Wyatt Ryder (ODT): ‘Freedom picnic’ in Dunedin

Business, economy, employment, wage subsidy
Newstalk ZB: Business sector lobby groups to protest against lockdown regardless of alert level changes
RNZ: ‘It’s soul-destroying’: Northland expects to be hit hard as Auckland border stays
Tumamao Harawira (Māori TV): More private sector support needed for Māori businesses
Kerre McIvor (Herald): A lockdown business owner’s cry from the heart (paywalled)
Karen Coltman (Stuff): Spending on takeaways jumped 600 per cent as Auckland shifted to level 3
Finn Hogan (Newshub): Industry warns NZ’s surging video game sector will soon be stifled without support
Tom Kitchin (RNZ): Wedding planners ‘devastated’ as busy season approaches
Liam Dann (Herald): Stagflation fears stalk global economy – can NZ cope? (paywalled)
Kate MacNamara (Herald): Katherine Rich on competition in the grocery sector and the case for change(paywalled)
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Tex Edwards’ proposed supermarket venture secured meeting with ComCom 
Richard Thomson (Herald): Why Kris Faafoi’s surprise changes to lease law make sense (paywalled)
Hawkes Bay Today: Wedding crusher: Hawke’s Bay planners seeing impact of Delta
Rob Stock (Stuff): Law change needed to protect small city businesses from the effects of large scale infrastructure projects
Mike Tweed (Herald/Whanganui Chronicle): Whanganui businesses expecting slow and steady school holidays (paywalled)

Gill Bonnett (RNZ): Reform of Immigration NZ admin should be priority – Seymour
Dileepa Fonseka (Stuff): On migration, when all else fails you might as well try doing the right thing
Anuja Nadkarni (Newsroom): Migrants wary of fast-track: ‘The pressure cooker was about to explode’
Adam Burns (Local Democracy Reporting): One-off visas offer ‘pleasant surprise’ in Canterbury
Iain MacLeod (NBR): And the winner is … virtually everybody (paywalled)
Aaron Martin (BusinessDesk): Immigration: What we’ve all been waiting for (paywalled)
Vicki Anderson (Stuff): ‘I just want to feel safe’: Modern slavery in New Zealand
Melanie Carroll (Stuff): ‘Like we don’t exist’: Stress continues for visa holders denied residency

Border, MIQ
Angus Simmons (RNZ): Bordering on fear and hate: Vitriol aimed at returnees heartbreaking
Dileepa Fonseka (Stuff): MIQueue: How MIQ became an unfair set of exceptions and exemptions
Louisa Steyl (Stuff): MIQueue: ‘There’s a lot at stake here,’ business leaders say 
Malcolm Evans (Daily Blog): Thinking outside the border
Laura Walters (Stuff): Why securing a spot in MIQ doesn’t guarantee a homecoming
Maia Hart (Stuff): MIQ backlog could see surgery position in Blenheim take 12 months to fill
Ian Anderson (Stuff): Deputy PM Grant Robertson wary of criticism if sport stars get MIQ priority
Ian Taylor  (Herald): My plan to help open NZ’s borders safely (paywalled)
Morgane Solignac (Stuff): One-way travel bubble ‘ours to lose’, says RSE employer
Kevin Norquay (Stuff): You can make New Zealand’s praises heard afar, but you can’t come home
Brianna Mcilraith (Stuff): MIQueue: The workers who might have to quit
Ella Stewart (RNZ): Stranded traveller pleads for seniors to be allowed to isolate at home

Innes Asher (Spinoff): A delta health crisis thrives when it meets a crisis in housing and poverty
Sophie Trigger (Herald): Personal hygiene poverty exacerbated, City Missions call for donations of bathroom basics
Michelle Duff (Stuff): The mothers struggling to feed their babies while the state keeps all their child support

The Pandora Papers exposing tax haven secrecy in NZ
Benedict Collins (1News): Former Moldovan politician used NZ trust to transfer millions to family
Benedict Collins (1News): Closing remaining foreign trust tax loophole not a priority – Government
Katie Bradford (1News): Documents expose offshore secrets of wealthy global elites
Matt Nippert and Alex Spence (Herald): Pandora Papers: Massive leak exposes offshore assets of world leaders, billionaires and other powerful figures
Herald: Pandora Papers: Everything you need to know about the biggest data leak in history (paywalled)
NZ Herald: Pandora Papers: Asiaciti’s response to our questions
Matt Nippert and Keith Ng (Herald): Pandora Papers: Moldovan oligarch used NZ trust to hold $180m in assets offshore (paywalled)
Matt Nippert (Herald): Pandora Papers: Sir John Key defends his government’s oversight of foreign trusts(paywalled)
NZ Herald and ICIJ: Pandora Papers: What is a foreign trust and how were they used? (paywalled)

Parliament, week in politics
Peter Wilson (RNZ): Week in Politics: Is New Zealand really like North Korea?
Claire Trevett (Herald): What happens to Labour after Jacinda Ardern? (paywalled)
Phil Smith (RNZ): The House: Parliament goes fast, slow, fast
Steven Joyce (Herald): Jacinda Ardern Government getting too big for its bossy boots (paywalled)
Mike Houlahan (ODT): Southern say: The pandemic’s risks are not spread equally
1 News: Kiri Allan feels ‘very privileged every single day’ to be alive after cancer battle
Tracy Watkins (Stuff): We need to listen to each other again
Stuff Reporters: Points of Order: Nobody wants Covid-19 for Christmas, but new visa is an early gift for many

Water reforms
RNZ: Focus on Politics – Three waters: Councils tapping out as minister steams ahead
Zane Small (Newshub): Are councils being stripped of assets? Will Māori have veto? Three Waters explained
Andreas Heuser (Herald):  Best laid plans for water reform can be saved (paywalled)
Christopher Luxon (Rotorua Daily Post/Herald):  Three Waters: Local control in troubled waters(paywalled)
Janet Wilson (Stuff): There’s a case for water reform – but not this undemocratic asset grab
Bryan Cadogan (Stuff): Derailing 3 Waters reform debate undermines critical process to confront a broken funding model.
Rachel Reese (Stuff): Three Waters is too important to play politics
Te Maire Tau (Stuff): Three Waters reforms are an opportunity to share our strengths, working together
Georgia-May Gilbertson (Stuff): Councils push back against water reform despite cascade of problems
Matthew Rosenberg (Local Democracy Reporting): Govt has more convincing to do on Three Waters reform: Mayors
Aaron Leaman (Stuff): Hamilton City Council’s elected wing froth over three waters reform
Tina Law (Stuff): Five Chch councillors call on Nanaia Mahuta to resign over three waters reform
Alice Angeloni (Local Democracy Reporting): Gisborne District Council opts out in principle to Three Waters reform
Yashas Srinivasa (Stuff): Waimate Council unhappy with LGNZ over Three Waters response
Robyn Bristow (Star News): ‘Condescending and light on facts’: Another blunt message for Govt on planned water reforms
Newstalk ZB: Water NZ CEO: Concerns about putting water power into just four entities
ODT: Upgraded water over a year away

Local government
Felix Desmarais (Local Democracy Reporting): Emails, pay rises and power points: the inside story of how Rotorua got seven deputy chief executives
Cherie Sivignon (Stuff): Ex-Tasman District Council staff, mayor face interviews over dam project
Graeme Edgeler (Legal Beagle): Draft Submission: COVID-19 Response (Management Measures) Legislation Bill
Marty Sharpe (Stuff):  Two years on and still no sign of promised regional park on Te Mata Peak
Steven Walton (Stuff): More than 6000 Christchurch households getting Government rates discount
Logan Savory (Stuff): Long-time Tim Shadbolt allies tell Invercargill City Council to ‘get act together’
Sam Olley (RNZ): The Hundertwasser Art Centre’s crooked path to completion
ODT Editorial: Absolutely, positively George St
Gary Hamilton-Irvine (Hawkes Bay Today/Herald): Flaxmere liquor store owner stuck with taking councillor back to court to get $8000 owed (paywalled)

Housing, property investment, tenancy rules
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Housing crisis: ACT says one-off migrant visa will make house prices ‘go crazy’
Oliver Lewis (BusinessDesk): Christchurch, a housing affordability lesson (paywalled)
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Simon Bridges slams Govt’s ‘shocker’ move against commercial landlords, David Parker says some ‘doing nothing’ to help tenants during pandemic
RNZ: Multi-million Wgtn homeless hub build delayed, but on the way
Joel MacManus (Stuff): Wellington spatial plan falls short of population growth, analysis shows
Miriam Bell (Stuff): A house in Auckland for $805,000? You need to compromise, buyer says
Geraden Cann (Stuff): Kāinga Ora awards first contract to build prefab transitional homes
Ethan Te Ora (Stuff): Wheelchair user worries she won’t be able to bathe in emergency housing
Mike O’Donnell (Stuff): Waiting for a tradie? You’re the victim of a market gone mad
Miriam Bell (Stuff): Landlords angry at tax loophole for social housing
Tess McClure and Cody Ellingham (Guardian): ‘Haves and have-nots’: how the housing crisis is creating two New Zealands – a photo essay
Eric Crampton (Stuff): A bit of Hong Kong for Vancouver, courtesy of the Squamish Nation

Oranga Tamariki 
Henry Cooke and Bridie Witton (Stuff): Sir Wira Gardiner stepping down as head of troubled Oranga Tamariki
Aaron Smale (Guardian): In its latest cut-and-paste child welfare report, New Zealand fails Māori again
1 News: Debbie Ngarewa-Packer: ‘Minister lacked courage’ on Oranga Tamariki
Dan Satherley (Newshub): ‘Bulldozer’ Kelvin Davis backed by ‘submarine’ Matthew Tukaki to reform Oranga Tamariki
Māori TV: Oranga Tamariki report welcomed
ODT Editorial: Rethinking Oranga Tamariki

Foreign affairs, trade
Paul Buchanan (Kiwipolitico): Raucous AUKUS Ruckus
Abdul Mohamud (Pundit): AUKUS Deal Closes One Nuclear Window, But Could Open Other Doors
Fran O’Sullivan (Herald): Trade basis a better look for Five Eyes (paywalled)
Jane Clifton (Listener/Herald): NZ faces complicated security and trade balancing act (paywalled)
Eva Corlett and Tess McClure (Guardian): NZ opposition leader says US and UK ‘left door open’ for China in Indo-Pacific
Kate Nicol-Williams (1 News): Revelations emerge over Linton-based soldier accused of espionage
Thomas Manch (Stuff): Spying charges reveal soldier had defence base access codes, Christchurch terror video
Donna Miles (Stuff): The Afghan war and the senseless terror of Western militarism 
Michelle Duff (Stuff): Plan for a private Afghan extraction operation is waiting for government’s support
Michael Neilson (Herald): Fall of Afghanistan: Pressure builds for plan to rescue hundreds
Kaysha Brownlie (Newshub): Damien O’Connor heads to US, Europe with big trade sales pitch
Taroi Black (Māori TV): Māori and Emirati open NZ pavilion at Dubai Expo 2021

Environment, climate change, conservation
Hamish Cardwell (RNZ): Australian takeover of Coromandel mine a ‘Trojan horse’ – conservation watchdog
Craig Ashworth (Local Democracy Reporting): Company continues seabed mining bid amid call for ban
Karen McVeigh (Guardian): New Zealand supreme court blocks seabed mining consent
Rod Oram (Newsroom): ‘Keep 1.5 alive’ is an uninspiring Glasgow goal
Stuff Editorial: Shaw’s Glasgow trip is essential travel
João Marcos Azevedo Correia de Souza, Amandine Schaeffer, Jonathan Gardner, Robert Smith (The Conversation): Marine heatwaves during winter could have dire impacts on New Zealand fisheries and herald more summer storms
Dan Laufer (Stuff): The challenges facing companies in the era of global warming
Jamie Morton (Herald): What ancient caves reveal about NZ’s future deluges
ODT: Little change, but water quality needs to improve
Anna Yeoman (Spinoff): Is it time to keep our cats at home?
Kate Nicol-Williams (1 News): East Coast iwi plans myrtle rust job recruitment drive

Nicky Pellegrino (Listener/Herald): The truth about vaping: How big business took us for suckers(paywalled)
Ruth Hill (RNZ): No staff or facilities for ‘catching up’ on delayed surgery, surgeon says
Michael Daly (Stuff): Lots of critical questions, but little funding: Scientists say Covid research needs more investment
Ian Powell (Second Opinion): Mental health funding mystery and mischief
Brittany Keogh (Stuff): Young people waiting up to 18 months to see psychologists 
Jo Moir (Newsroom): Mental health: Asking for help changed Matt Doocey’s life
James Nokise (E-Tangata): Sometimes just a chat is enough
1 News: Comedian’s chicken-eating shower podcast prompts mental health conversations
Derek Cheng (Herald): Andrew Little unleashes on medicinal cannabis industry; patient suffering from end of grace period is ‘on them’
Peter de Graaf (Herald)/Northern Advocate): Lack of care beds for Kerikeri’s booming elderly population ‘breaking families apart’ (paywalled)

Sexual violence
RNZ: ACC to spend $44.9 million on sexual violence prevention
Jessica Tyson (Māori TV): New $44.9m sexual violence prevention programme with kaupapa Māori approach
Anna Bracewell-Worrall (Newshub): Calls mount for ‘stealthing’ – covert condom removal during sex – to be explicitly recognised as rape

Martin Van Beynen (Stuff): Peter Ellis’ 30-year effort to clear his name reaches final Supreme Court hearing
RNZ: Hearing of historic Ellis case due to get underway in Supreme Court
Karl du Fresne: It seems to be open season on Judge Callinicos
Khylee Quince (Stuff): Applying law to marae highlights the difficulty of viewing one culture through the lens of another
Melissa Chan-Green (Newshub): Mother cleared of killing her baby has bid for compensation blocked by Justice Minister
Ethan Te Ora and Sophie Cornish (Stuff): ‘You can’t trespass people from the central city’: The Wellington street at an impasse after more disorderly behaviour

Jack Tame (Herald): Good riddance to the Auckland Harbour Bridge cycleway
William Hewett (Newshub): Government scraps plans for controversial cycle bridge across Auckland harbour
1 News: Govt scraps Auckland’s $785m bridge cycleway
Todd Niall (Stuff): Government scraps $785m cycle and walking bridge across Auckland harbour 
RNZ: Govt scraps plans for Waitematā Harbour cycle and pedestrian bridge
Katie Scotcher (RNZ): Govt awaits Auckland Light Rail recommendations
Georgina Campbell (Herald): Wellington to get mass rapid transit routes to both the east and south
Tracy Neal (Newsroom): Green smokescreen: Railway towns pay the price for longer trains
RNZ: Kāpiti businesses call for Transmission Gully opening date

Education, death of Mason Pendrous
Sam Sherwood (Stuff): Delay in discovering student’s body ‘deeply regrettable’, coroner says
Ryan Boswell (1 News): Cause of death for Canterbury student whose body lay unnoticed ‘will never be known’
Anna Leask (Herald): Death of Mason Pendrous in Canterbury University dorm room – coroner releases final report
John Gerritsen (RNZ): Panel calls for sweeping changes to maths teaching
Helen Nickisson (Stuff): Principals hope to start ‘master planning’ new schools before end of year
Steve Kilgallon (Stuff): Beating the stats: How one school has upturned the odds for Māori boys

Colin Peacock (RNZ): Mediawatch: Huge journalism jobs boost from public purse
Colin Peacock (RNZ): Mediawatch: Home by Christmas? Political Covid plans overpromise
Colin Peacock (RNZ): Mediawatch: Moving on from lockdown fast food frenzies

Counter-Terrorism Legislation Bill
AP (Guardian): Two years after Christchurch, New Zealand makes plotting a terrorist attack a crime
Māori TV: ‘We are not the problem’ – Willie Jackson on passing of counter-terrorism act

Primary industries
Sally Murphy (RNZ): Kiwifruit growers warn spray ban could make some orchards uneconomic
Sean Hogan (1 News): Relief for growers as first workers under new scheme arrive from Vanuatu
Conan Young (RNZ): Flood costs farming couple $1m as recovery grinds on

Brian Easton (Pundit): What Happened Under Rogernomics And Ruthanasia?
Andrew Marshall (ODT): Ngai Tahu leader: Let’s not rush name change
Dileepa Fonseka (Stuff): RealMe faces questions, as digital identity legislation nears
No Right Turn: An armed police force would endanger the public
Matt Burrows (Newshub): Auckland man wrongly arrested, injured and stripped by police still searching for justice 29 months on
Phil Pennington (RNZ): Confusion and frustration over dated but legal earthquake rules
Melanie Carroll (Stuff): ‘Whānau have not forgotten’: Māori landowners fight racist legacy
Will Trafford (Māori TV): Government to ratify Maniapoto settlement
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