NZ Politics Daily: 15 September 2021

NZ Politics Daily: 15 September 2021

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Today’s content

Wānaka Couple, Alert level rules, compliance, enforcement
Pattrick Smellie (BusinessDesk): Free advice for the Wānaka ‘wanderers’ (paywalled)
Lauren Hendricksen and Mark Quinlivan (Newshub): Case of Auckland couple allegedly travelling to Wānaka during lockdown raises justice system disparity issues – defence lawyer
RNZ: Law Society to investigate rule flouting by lawyer who fled to Wānaka
John Weekes (Herald): The more outrageous the alleged offence, the more likely you are to get name suppression
Steve Braunias (Herald): In defence of the Wānaka lockdown breachers (paywalled)
David Farrar: Let’s cancel the lynch mob
Hugh Breakey (Herald): Five questions to ask yourself before dobbing in rule-breakers
ODT Editorial: The ‘essential’ need to travel
Laura James (1 News): Couple who fled Auckland lockdown to Wānaka named
Daisy Hudson (ODT): Lockdown flouters ‘deeply sorry’
Craig Kapitan (Herald): ‘Deeply sorry’ – William Willis and Hannah Rawnsley named as Wanaka holidaymakers
Jean Bell (RNZ): Couple who flouted Auckland lockdown to travel to Wānaka named
Scott Palmer and Giles Dexter (Newshub): Wānaka couple’s identity revealed as William Willis, Hannah Rawnsley after name suppression lapses
Stephen Franks: Free Speech Union against name suppression for alleged Wanaka escapees
Scott Palmer (Newshub): Why Wānaka couple were granted interim name suppression
Jean Bell (RNZ): Name suppression for couple who flouted Auckland lockdown
Scott Palmer (Newshub): New Zealanders fear more will break COVID rules if pair get off lightly
Miriam Burrell (Herald): Airport security, name suppression called into question after Auckland couple travel to Wanaka
1 News: Woman who shares same name as person who fled to Wānaka harassed online
Herald: Woman with same name as Wanaka absconder targeted online
Scott Palmer (Newshub): Auckland couple apologise to New Zealand after travelling to Wānaka
Anna Leask (Herald): Alleged Wanaka Covid 19 breachers ‘remorseful’ about ‘bad decision’, says friend
Jason Walls (Newstalk ZB): More than 50 seen lining Auckland street for tangi
Stuff: Auckland police break up gathering following online funeral
Peter Cullen (Stuff): Can a worker refuse to work if their employer is not following Covid-19 guidelines?
Stuff: $33,000 donated to Dr Siouxsie Wiles’ research after ‘hypocrite’ jibe
Jane Matthews (Stuff): No backlog of funeral services in level 2 as Taranaki families choose to say goodbye in groups of 10
Teuila Fuatai (Herald): Policing of public health orders in Covid alert level 4 must be transparent(paywalled)
Cherie Sivignon (Stuff): Police accused of ‘bully-boy, heavy-handed’ actions at Motueka pub
Nathan Morton and Josephine Franks (Stuff): Auckland sex workers offering services despite level 4 rules
1 News: Pak’nSave security guard assaulted by woman who refused to wear mask
RNZ: Woman refusing mask at supermarket returns with men, assaults guard – police
Herald: Woman who refused to wear a face mask arrested after assaulting Auckland security guard
Lincoln Tan (Herald): ‘Heartless’: Woman’s applications for travel exemptions to attend mum’s funeral declined three times

Government management of outbreak, expert advice
Gordon Campbell: On the Covid exit plan, and 9/11 media memories
Richard Harman (Politik): Opening up (Paywalled)
Craig McCulloch (RNZ): Elimination and Delta: Statements from 10 experts and leaders
RNZ: PM Jacinda Ardern on Covid-19 alert levels: Good testing rates will give ‘extra reassurance’
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Lengthy lockdown ‘quite concerning’, virus ‘shape-shifting’ and might be here to stay – immunologist
Zane Small (Newshub): Judith Collins questions Jacinda Ardern’s ‘short and sharp’ COVID-19 lockdown plan as Auckland enters fifth week
Vaimoana Tapaleao (Herald): No intention of using lockdowns forever – Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
Tess McClure (Guardian): New Zealand Covid update: cases drop to 15 as Ardern unveils ‘Mr Whippy-style’ vaccination buses
Georgina Campbell (Herald): A Capital Letter: We need to know what it takes to get to level 1 (paywalled)
Herald Editorial: Lockdown fatigue is understandable but beatable
Chlöe Swarbrick (Herald): Team of 5 million’s Covid success shows power of working together
Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB): Is it time to end the daily Covid briefings?

Vaccine rollout
Tim Dare and Justine Kingsbury (The Conversation): Why a domestic NZ Covid ‘passport’ raises hard questions about discrimination, inequality and coercion
Ian Powell (BusinessDesk): How has New Zealand performed on vaccines (paywalled)
Herald: Government races to vaccinate Auckland ahead of lockdown lifting
John Anthony (Stuff):Businesses offer staff incentives to increase Covid-19 vaccine uptake
RNZ: Steel and Tube offers employees bonus for Covid-19 vaccinations
Hannah Martin (Stuff): Thalidomide survivor urges disabled Kiwis to get vaccinated amid low uptake
Lucy Warhurst (Newshub): New Zealand’s oldest Thalidomide survivor gets vaccinated
1 News: NZ’s oldest Thalidomide survivor fully vaccinated
RNZ: ‘There is nothing holding us back in Auckland when it comes to vaccines’ – PM
Bridie Witton (Stuff): Something’s working in the state of Denmark
Maxine Jacobs (Stuff): We know how to boost vaccine rates, just give us the resources, Māori health providers say
Herald:$70,000 in prizes to get young adults vaccinated
Anna Whyte and Breanna Barraclough (1 News): Call goes out for vaccination bus name, Ardern rules out ‘Bussy McBusface’
Herald: Kiwis have their say on name for ‘Mr Whippy’-style vaccine bus service
Torika Tokalau (Stuff): Two more 11-year-olds given Pfizer vaccine despite no Medsafe approval
Herald: The Edge radio’s ‘Vaxcation’ competition criticised for excluding the unvaccinated
Michael Neilson (Herald):PM Jacinda Ardern denies seeking cheaper, delayed vaccines

Wage subsidy, business, economy
George Driver (Spinoff): After the big bounce of 2020, how will the NZ economy recover from 2021’s outbreak?
Thomas Coughlan (Herald): New Zealand bailed out Cook Islands, on brink of economic catastrophe(paywalled)
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Jacinda Ardern says she’s sympathetic to flower growers protesting restrictions at Parliament
Karen Coltman and Bridie Witton (Stuff): Florists and flower growers stage protest over level 4 rules
Liam Dann (Herald): National calls for increased Auckland business support (paywalled)
Charlie Dreaver (RNZ): Calls for Govt to offer additional financial, mental health support to businesses
Emma Vitz (Spinoff): How much we haven’t spent on haircuts, takeaways and more during lockdown
Lana Andelane (Newshub): Auckland hospitality business owners desperate for targeted support as livelihoods hang in the balance
Hamish Cardwell (RNZ): Retailers using loans to keep Wellington businesses afloat
Thomas Bywater (Herald): Fox Glacier hostels in liquidation as borders remain closed to backpackers
Tess Brunton (RNZ): Wānaka businesses struggle without Auckland dollar
Hanna McCallum (Stuff): Akaroa French Festival postponed until 2022 due to Covid-19
Chris Marshall (Stuff): Covid uncertainty prompts summer concert series’ shift to March
Nick Brook (ODT): Some tourist spots busier with Kiwis than before Covid
Tom Kitchin (RNZ): Pet food shortages causing angst for fussy felines
Sheryl Sandberg (Herald):  Resilient Māori businesses showing the way (paywalled)
Jenée Tibshraeny (Interest): Govt to blame for financial market confusion over $41 billion contingency fund

Katie Bradford (1 News): Foodstuffs admits it needs to do more to convince shoppers it’s not ripping them off
Kate MacNamara (Herald): Supermarket giant Foodstuffs promises reform in advance of Commerce Commission’s final report (paywalled)
Dileepa Fonseka (Stuff): Foodstuffs says food prices not high, concedes on covenants in reply to market study

Inequality, charities
Dileepa Fonseka (Stuff): How Covid restrictions mean cages for some, deliveries for others
Richard Prebble (Herald): Virus’ greatest threat is life-time poverty (paywalled)
Vandhna Bhan (1 News): Young science champion starts charity to close digital divide for Pasifika

Border, MIQ, immigration
Amelia Wade (Newshub): Jacinda Ardern pours cold water on James Shaw self-isolating upon return from international climate conference
Joseph Pearson (Stuff): MIQ shuts down idea of extra facility for sports stars stranded overseas
Anthony Galloway (Stuff): The digital border pass you’ll need to visit Australia
Torika Tokalau (Stuff): No Cook Islands travel without vaccine, zero Covid cases in NZ for 14 days
RNZ: Cook Islanders stranded in NZ one step closer to home
RNZ: NZ grants refugee status for man over Easter bombings funding accusations
Stuff Editorial: Could those who bestow citizenship value it properly in the first place?

Contact tracing, testing
David Williams (Newsroom): It’s not where we’re testing, it’s how and how often
Michael Morrah (Newshub): Government considers random surveillance testing at known hotspots as swab sites reveal they have capacity to do more
RNZ: Offering tests and vaccines at same time not appropriate – DHB boss

Cases, demographics
Herald: Worker at So /Auckland MIQ hotel tests positive for Covid
Ben Leahy (Herald): What we know about Auckland’s mystery cases
Keith Lynch (Stuff): Why are there still so many ‘expected’ cases in Auckland?
Rachel Thomas (Stuff):Level 2 safeguards still crucial as Wellington creeps towards elimination – experts
Marc Daalder (Newsroom): Four in five cases unvaccinated
Lana Andelane (Newshub): 78pct of eligible people who’ve caught COVID-19 yet to receive first dose of vaccine
The Standard: Covid, We Need To Talk About Class
Todd Niall (Stuff): After triple-whammy lockdown, South Auckland deserves more than just vaccination
Thomas Bywater (Herald): Ruby Princess: International cruise passengers join class action Covid 19 lawsuit

Hannah Martin (Stuff): ‘We’re doing the best we can’: Middlemore exec on ‘demanding’ and ‘difficult’ period
Richard Edwards, Janet Hoek and Andrew Waa (ODT): World-leading action plan on smoking will reduce harm
Himali McInnes (Guardian): We don’t live in isolation. Our ancestors’ trauma can affect our health generations later
Himali McInnes (Newsroom): The death of a little boy, and Māori healing

Duncan Greive (Spinoff): ‘Paranoid storms’: Judith Collins’ former press secretary on National, leadership and oblivion
Justin Giovannetti (Spinoff): Pressure on Collins mounts
Matt Burrows (Newshub): National MP Maureen Pugh reveals she’s been struck by lightning three times
Kurt Bayer (Herald): National MP Maureen Pugh survives three lightning strikes (paywalled)
Jane Clifton (Listener/Herald): David Seymour shows National how it’s done (paywalled)

Eugene Bingham (Stuff): Women who did dangerous work for New Zealand in Afghanistan are now threatened by the Taliban
Kurt Bayer (Herald): Ne Zealand Government’s ‘phase two’ evacuation plans to be considered by Cabinet
Eugene Bingham and Thomas Manch (Stuff): Afghan women ‘heartbroken’ after pleas for help from New Zealand turned down

Te Reo Māori
Morgan Godfery (Guardian): Give Lorde a break. Non-Māori must speak Māori for it to survive
Awanui Te Huia (Newsroom): Understanding Māori language learners

Māori Party Aotearoa petition, place names
Anna Whyte (1 News): Over 10,000 sign Te Pati Māori’s place name petition
Jane Matthews (Stuff): Reverting places names to te reo Māori origins a ‘gateway to stopping racism’ – Te Pāti Māori co-leader
Tom Hunt (Stuff): Supporters of push to rename New Zealand as Aotearoa prepared for backlash
Zane Small (Newshub): Māori Party push for all Māori place names to be restored by 2026 and ‘Aotearoa’ to officially replace ‘New Zealand’
Tess McClure (Guardian): New Zealand Māori party launches petition to change country’s name to Aotearoa

1 News: House prices across NZ rise by 25.5%
Anne Gibson (Herald): House sales fall 26.5%, price rises subdued
Matt Burrows (Newshub): Lockdown fails to dampen demand as New Zealand house prices rise to record level in August
David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Another record high for house prices
Andrew Marshall (ODT): Wary of creating stigma
Zoe Hunter (Herald): Aucklanders in lockdown eye Tauranga properties: ‘Enough’s enough’ (paywalled)
Anne Gibson (Herald): Developer of new $10b Drury town on 660% fee rise: ‘Shocking, disappointing’(paywalled)
Don Franks (Redline): Renting in New Zealand, a sick joke
Catherine Smith (OneRoof): Is NZ in danger of running out of houses for sale?

Water reforms
Lan Pham (Stuff): Three waters: filtering out the myths
Sinead Gill (Stuff): Manawatū council questions benefit of water reforms to ratepayers
Jonathan Guildford (Stuff): Waimakariri residents want council to ‘opt-out’ of the Government’s three waters reform
Brigitte Morten (NBR): Failed politics of three waters reform (paywalled)
Paul Majurey (Herald):  Māori involvement in Three Waters reform will benefit all (paywalled)
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): The most important question 3 Waters can’t answer
Christopher Luxon (Stuff): Three Waters, four entities, several problems 

Local government
Susan Botting (RNZ): Nine new Māori ward councillors likely for Northland
Andre Chumko (Stuff): Experience Wellington: Organisation facing $477k deficit, staff ‘bruised’
Grant Miller (ODT): ‘Provocative’ Covid posts ‘unhelpful’
Hamish MacLean (ODT): Remediation plans wrapped in red tape
John Lewis (ODT): ‘Civic intervention’ called for after venue closure
1 News: End of an era as last student pub in Dunedin closes doors
RNZ: Petition calling for Wānaka local authority reaches threshold for investigation

Environment, Climate change
Zane Small (Newshub): Jacinda Ardern defends climate change action after New Zealand’s methane emissions targeted in global reduction push
Reuters (Newshub): New Zealand among major methane emitters targeted by new US, EU climate change push
Dave Goosselink (Newshub): Frustrated farmers ready themselves to take over central streets in protest of Government regulations
Robyn Bristow (ODT): Agricultural industry voice needs reviewed
Don Wiseman (RNZ): Pacific Forum prepares for COP26
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Revealed: That coffee cup you think is recyclable isn’t – none of them are
Olivia Wannan (Stuff): The $350 million plan to divert waste from landfill – by burning it
Georgia Forrester (Stuff): A look back at 50 years of Greenpeace

Graham Adams (Democracy Project):The double-edged sword of the $55m government journalism fund cuts deep
Stewart Sowman-Lund (Spinoff): No, Newshub and Tova O’Brien have not been silenced by the government

Tom McRae (Newshub): Parents and schools at loggerheads over moving upcoming school holidays
Luke Malpass (Stuff): Minister of Education Chris Hipkins considers bringing school holidays forward
Liz McDonald (Stuff): Shifting school holidays due to Covid lockdown would cause disruption, businesses say
Herald: Chris Hipkins awaiting advice on possible school holiday move
Ella Stewart (RNZ): Students trapped in Auckland fear falling behind in studies
Sophie Trigger (Herald): Parents discouraged from seeking childcare staff’s vaccination status
Louise Ternouth (RNZ): Online cheating up 458 percent at one NZ university in 2020
Jimmy Ellingham (Stuff): Apology not enough for frustrated community that’s lost its land

Cyber attacks
Juha Saarinen (Herald): A DDoS plague on our internet (paywalled)
Herald: Kiwibank and MetService still experiencing problems
Susan Edmunds (Stuff): ‘How are we meant to pay bills?’: Kiwibank disruption continues

Jared Abbot (Stuff): The minimal price of safeguarding Aotearoa’s fuel security
David Hargreaves (Interest): NZ Super Fund grows by nearly 30% – assets now close to $60 billion
Tamsyn Parker (Herald): NZ Super Fund makes record return but warns of tougher times ahead
Te Aniwa Hurihanganui (RNZ): Oranga Tamariki admits children sometimes kept in hospital longer than needed
1 News: ‘Forever grateful’ victims of New Lynn terrorist attack speak out
Mark Quinlivan (Newshub): New Lynn supermarket terror attack: ‘Heroic’ man ran ‘straight toward danger’ to distract terrorist, police reveal
Laura Walters (Stuff): Record-breaking number of submissions on law proposing to ban conversion therapy
Daisy Hudson (ODT): No abuse hearing in Dunedin called ‘slap in the face’
Rob Kidd (ODT): Court hears mother’s plea for apology
Jonathan Milne (Newsroom): Big names and locations caught up in film company collapse
Martin Bradbury (Daily Blog): Let’s talk about THAT woke Stuff column
RNZ: The Detail: Keeping it real for kids on misinformation
Robin Martin (RNZ): Horticulture making a comeback in Taranaki
Thomas Nash (Newsroom): The right side of urban planning history