NZ Politics Daily: 16 March 2021

NZ Politics Daily: 16 March 2021

1News-Colmar Brunton Poll
1News: Labour keeps strong lead as Collins plunges further in first 1 News-Colmar Brunton poll of 2021
Claire Trevett (Herald): 
PM’s drop in popularity will not worry her as National stays off its foils (paywalled)
Jessica Mutch Mckay (TVNZ): Opinion: Saying goodbye to landlines in 2021’s first 1 NEWS-Colmar Brunton poll
Jason Walls (Herald): 1News/Colmar Brunton poll: Support for Jacinda Ardern slips since historic election win
Thomas Coughlan (Stuff): Labour on top in new poll, but Jacinda Ardern suffers personal popularity crash
Newstalk ZB: Jacinda Ardern dealt personal blow in first opinion poll of the year

National Party
Chris Trotter (Interest): Playing by the new rules of the game
Thomas Coughlan (Stuff): National must focus on diverse MPs, with board taking more control of selecting new candidates: review
Richard Harman: National’s review: Don’t blame me, says Bridges (paywalled)
Jo Moir (Newsroom): National’s finance disappearing act

Speech regulation after Christchurch
Chris Trotter (Daily blog): Sticks And Stones – And Bullets
David Bromell (The Guardian): After Christchurch, hate speech policy should focus on harm, not offence taken
David Bromell (Victoria University of Wellington): The terrorist attack on Christchurch mosques and the Christchurch Call
David Bromell (Victoria University of Wellington): ‘Hate speech’: Defining the problem and some key terms
David Bromell (Victoria University of Wellington): Challenges in regulating online content

Christchurch mosque attacks
Henry Cooke (Stuff): 
Christchurch terror attack: Jacinda Ardern says Government can’t expand ACC cover for traumatised victims
Elle Hunt (Guardian): New Zealand: Ardern flags further gun control reforms after firearms charges peak
Alexander Gillespie (The Conversation): Two years on from the Christchurch terror attack, how much has really changed?
Kurt Bayer (Herald): Christchurch mosque attacks anniversary: Imam Gamal Fouda releases personal message
Mark Quinlivan (Newshub): Jacinda Ardern denies Christchurch Call has failed as intelligence expert remains ‘concerned’ about online extremism two years on
TVNZ: Government urged to take more action to stop viewing, sharing of mosque shootings video
Faisal Al-Asaad (The Pantograph Punch): Post-Massacre Reality: Why We Shouldn’t Move On
Anjum Rahman (Spinoff): Two years on, there are still pockets of hate. And there are beams of light
1News: Christchurch terrorist attack survivors call on Govt for further support — ‘The PM promised us’
Kaysha Brownlie (Newshub): Calls for ACC changes 2 years on from Christchurch mosque attacks

ODT: Editorial – Labour’s housing nightmare
Marc Daalder (Newsroom): Housing crisis requires crisis response
Katie Bradford (1News): Courage needed to solve the housing crisis, Reserve Bank Governor says
Anne Gibson (Herald): Blacklisted tenants: Privacy Commissioner launches landlord probe (paywalled)
Ruchir Sharma (Financial Times): Opinion: By targeting house prices, New Zealand shows the way(paywalled)
Jenny Ruth (Business Desk): Dive in net migration may calm housing market – eventually (paywalled)
Rachel Sadler and Heather McCarron (Newshub): Rotorua locals fed up being used as ‘dumping ground’ for New Zealand’s homeless – National’s Todd McClay
John Boynton (Newshub): Soaring house prices leaving more people without a home in Bay of Plenty’s Ōpōtiki

Australia’s deportee policy
Luke Malpass (Stuff): Mates or mugs? The Australian relationship is now frosty on several fronts
Anna Whyte (1News): Ardern seeks more information after 15-year-old deported from Australia
RNZ: Ardern seeks more detail over 15yo Australian 501 deportee to NZ
RNZ: Australia’s deportation of 15-year-old heartbreaking – Green MP
Calla Wahlquist (The Guardian): Minor deported to New Zealand under Australian program Peter Dutton

Jason Walls (Herald): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern ‘only now made aware’ a minor among deported Kiwis from Australia

Danyl Mclauchlan (The Spinoff): The Wellington syndrome
Andrew Dickens (Newstalk ZB): Wellington’s problems the result of the ratepayer model
Dave Armstrong (Stuff): Mixed messages from Wellington City Council and the airport
David Farrar: How the WCC Crs vote
Rachel Thomas (RNZ): Wellington authorities putting an end to ‘getting trolleyed’ at bottomless brunches
Georgina Campbell and Jack Crossland (Herald): Police and council crack down on bottomless brunches in Wellington
Ethan Te Ora (Stuff): Wellington City Mission plans to refurbish night shelter, as council apologises about previous squalid conditions

Local government
Monique Poirier (Local Government): Fixing local government: get the basics right 
Gianina Schwanecke (Herald): Wairoa fears being left behind in Three Waters reforms
Nikki Preston (Herald): Council considers paying elected members’ grandparents for childcare

Tom Hunt (Stuff): Labour branch secretary calls out own party’s working visitor ‘absurdities’
Ankur Sabharwal (Stuff): The sad, sick joke of who we’ve allowed into New Zealand during the pandemic

Greg Ninness (Interest): Population growth from migration down 57% in January year

Claire Trevett (Herald): Is the window closing on a transtasman bubble, and is it New Zealand’s fault?(paywalled)
TVNZ: Jacinda Ardern hasn’t ‘given up’ on making two-way trans-Tasman bubble a reality
Herald: China claims virus found on NZ frozen meat, Ardern says ‘not our beef’
Lana Andelane (Newshub): Jacinda Ardern denies accusations Cabinet stalled alert level announcement

Herald: Editorial: A long period of challenges and pressures ahead over vaccines (paywalled)

Slave labour and ‘ethical’ capitalism
Louisa Cleave and Paula Penfold (Stuff): Push for law to stop products from forced labour being sold in NZ
Jason Walls (Herald): Finance Minister Grant Robertson asks Super Fund to ‘ethically invest’ its $55 billion
Stewart Sowman-Lund (The Spinoff): Close to a hundred NZ companies sign letter calling for ‘modern slavery’ law
Louisa Cleave and Paula Penfold (Stuff): NZ business and political links to blacklisted Chinese company iFlytek

Brent Edwards (NBR): Treasury’s lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic (paywalled)
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): GDP figures this week should change odds on NZ being in recession

David Hargreaves (Interest): GDP settles down on the surface, but plenty going on under the hood
Jenée Tibshraeny (Interest): Another bank makes $500 million drawdown from RBNZ Funding for Lending Programme
Terry Baucher (Interest): The Week in Tax: Loss carry-backs and benefit abatements
Greg Ninness (Interest): IRD is on the trail of real estate agents who overclaim expenses

Emma Russell (Herald): ‘Urgent priority’: Dire diabetes price tag expected to blow out to $3.5 billion a year by 2040
Bridie Witton (Stuff): 
Diabetes to become epidemic that will ‘bankrupt’ health system – expert
Sally Murphy (RNZ): Numbers with type 2 diabetes could almost double in two decades – report
Rosie Gordon (Newshub): New Zealand’s Type 2 Diabetes epidemic looking to get worse – report

Cecile Meier (Stuff): Christchurch man waiting 17 months to access best cancer treatment
Newstalk ZB: Govt urged to investigate other policies if they won’t introduce sugar tax
RNZ: Sugar taxes work overseas, and can here – Dental Association

Stephen Parker (Newsroom): TVNZ/RNZ merger: Who holds the cards?
Mark Jennings (Newsroom): TVNZ aggressively chasing growth
Gavin Ellis (Knightly Views): That interview and its no-go-zones

Shane Te Pou (Herald): Why we need to decriminalise cannabis (paywalled)
Henry Cooke (Stuff): Cannabis: Green Party pushing for cross-party decriminalisation bill that would skip members’ ballot
Zane Small (Newshub): Jacinda Ardern does not view decriminalisation of cannabis as rejection of referendum
David Farrar: Decriminalisation possible?
Baz Macdonald (Re News): Why did Labour and the Greens vote against a medical cannabis bill?

Education and training
Phil Pennington (RNZ): Ministry of Education accused of ‘stealing’ a Taihape teaching farm
Emma Hatton (RNZ): Schools which contract own bus services not told of safety issues
Emile Donovan (Newsroom): The Detail: Latin unceremoniously abolished from the New Zealand curriculum
Simon Collins (Herald): Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki buys land under Macleans College for $97m (paywalled)
RNZ: Trades training for Māori youth: Government announces $5.5m spend

Justice, law and order
Herald: Prime Minister on growing gang gun violence: ‘It’s going to take time to turn around’
Stuff Editorial: A balancing act on prison violence
Christine Rose (Daily Blog): The violence and victims behind the news

Benedict Collins (1News): Jacinda Ardern says she’s not ‘the right person’ to judge whether Labour MPs have been overcharging taxpayers
David Cohen (RNZ): Redress, tangible compensation critical for those abused in state, faith-based care
Tom Logan (Stuff): We must be strategic in planning our cities
Esther Taunton (Stuff): Pig farmers in limbo over farrowing crates
Hirini Matunga (Stuff): Decolonising our cities – why colonial era statues must be toppled
Tamsyn Parker (Herald): New financial advice regime doesn’t go far enough, Consumer says (paywalled)
Zane Small (Newshub): NZ Defence Force grapples with more than 50 illicit drug use and supply infringements in two years
Ian Llewellyn (Business Desk): Officials warn carbon neutral public sector by 2025 not feasible(paywalled)
TVNZ: NZ’s coal imports highest in 14 years, but Energy Minister berates ACT’s ‘utterly false’ suggestion why
Calida Stuart-Menteath (NBR): Retirement village laws well overdue an overhaul (paywalled)

Anne Salmond (Newsroom): Thinking through Whakapapa: Aotearoa New Zealand histories in schools
Caitlin Ellis (Newshub): Cook Islands Prime Minister Mark Brown coming to New Zealand, the first international leader to visit since COVID-19 pandemic
Nile Bijoux (Stuff): This is how powerful the New Zealand licence is


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