NZ Politics Daily: 29 January 2021

NZ Politics Daily: 29 January 2021

Covid: MIQ
Meriana Johnsen (RNZ): Calls to restrict returnee numbers to avoid more Covid-19 outbreaks
1News: NZ should ‘have goal of no Covid-19 positive people’ arriving into country – Michael Baker
RNZ: Pressure mounts for full audit of MIQ network after Covid-19 community cases
John Anthony (Stuff): Allowing different plane arrivals in same MIQ facility raises risk of Covid spread, quarantine expert says
George Block (Stuff): No room at the inn, with every MIQ slot filled until end of May
Herald: The Wiggles granted MIQ spots for upcoming nationwide concerts
Mina Kerr-Lazenby (Stuff): All MIQ returnees to stay in rooms after day 12 test to mitigate virus risk
Stuff: Kiwi firm working on rapid immunity tests at airports
Andy Fyers (BusinessDesk): Who are the 12,000 people arriving in NZ each month? (paywalled)

Covid: Northland and Auckland cases; Pullman hotel
Toby Manhire (Spinoff): Six questions sparked by the Covid cases leaking out of the Pullman hotel
Bridie Witton (Stuff): Gradual emptying of Pullman Hotel ‘prudent’ after three cases – but human error likely in virus spread, experts say
George Block (Stuff): Pullman Hotel to gradually empty, hundreds of beds lost from MIQ system
Hannah Martin (Stuff): Pullman Hotel guests still confined to rooms in wake of community cases
RNZ: Two more people linked with Pullman Hotel treated as confirmed Covid cases
RNZ: Siouxsie Wiles explains possible reasons for Pullman Covid-19 cases
RNZ: Two new Auckland cases test positive for Covid-19 South African variant
Herald: Auckland locations visited by new community cases
George Block (Stuff): Govt failed to release names of two businesses linked to Northland case
Stuff: Aucklanders ‘know how to beat this virus’, Mayor Phil Goff says

Covid: Waitangi and public holidays
Anna Whyte (1News): Māori Party cancel plans to attend Waitangi after Covid case, iwi advice
Joel Maxwell (Stuff): Māori Party won’t be attending Waitangi celebrations due to Covid-19 concerns
Jason Walls (Herald): Māori Party won’t go to Waitangi commemorations amid virus concerns
RNZ: Waitangi Day: Māori Party leaders cancel commemoration plans in Te Tai Tokerau
Maiki Sherman (1News): Labour’s Māori caucus to be welcomed at Waitangi’s Te Tii Marae next week
Susan Botting (Herald): Waitangi Day organisers keeping close eye on Covid – iwi leaders say don’t come North
Luke Malpass and Thomas Manch (Stuff): Crucial 24-48 hours ahead for Auckland anniversary and Waitangi long weekends

Covid: Borders and travel
Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB): So the borders are closed for 2021, now what?
Herald: Australia extends suspension of New Zealand travel bubble for another 72 hours
Melanie Earley (Stuff): Flights cancelled as Australia extends pause on NZ services for another 72 hours
Emma Cropper (Newshub): Australia yet to reopen borders to New Zealanders as end of 72 hour suspension looms
1News: ‘Evolving situation’ – Possible new community cases complicate Australia’s decision over NZ bubble

Covid: General
Michael Baker and Martin McKee (Guardian): All countries should pursue a Covid-19 elimination strategy: here are 16 reasons why
Verity Johnson (Stuff): Back to being twitchy – and this time we’re grumpy too
Mandy Te (Stuff): New Zealand ranked best at responding to Covid-19 pandemic, according to Lowy Institute
Anna Whyte (1News): ‘Never room for boasting’ — NZ’s Covid response ranked first in world, but at an awkward time
Herald: Editorial: The three Cs of Covid transmission (paywalled)
Rex Adhar (Pundit): An island never cries
Georgia-May Gilbertson (Stuff): ‘It’s breaking me down’: Mum’s 13-month separation from her family in South Africa
Herald: ‘NZ frets’ – World reacts to New Zealand’s new community virus cases
Herald: Community cases cast doubt on upcoming holiday weekend events
Newstalk ZB: Kiwis can’t fly to the Cook Islands – but we may end up financing their wage subsidy
Rosemary McLeod (Stuff): We obey Covid rules because we’re reasonable people

Covid: Iwi checkpoints
Heather du Plessis-Allan (Newstalk ZB): Why I have sympathy for Hone Harawira
RNZ: Covid-19 community checkpoint in Northland shut down
Imran Ali (Northern Advocate): Iwi checkpoint leads visitor booking cancellations in Northland

Covid: Testing
Lana Andelane (Newshub): Covid-19 Auckland: People deserve an explanation over unstaffed Albany testing centre – Phil Goff
Caroline Williams and Lucy Xia (Stuff): Ōrewa testing stations packed, some rest homes closed to visitors as vigilance urged
Herald: Long queues at Auckland testing stations after further two cases confirmed
Lynley Ward (Herald): Hour-plus queues, big Auckland events under threat as community fears grow

Covid: Vaccine
Hannah Martin (Stuff): Govt wants to vaccinate 70 per cent of NZ, but questions remain
Marc Daalder (Newsroom): Covid-19: ‘May I see your vaccine passport?’
RNZ: Pfizer calls on governments to avoid export restrictions disrupting Covid-19 vaccine supply
RNZ: Should patents apply to Covid vaccines?

Covid: Scanning and tracing
Peter Dunne: The problem with NZ’s contact tracing system
Breanna Barraclough (1News): ‘You’re the problem’ — Government’s ‘scan, scan, scan’ mantra comes under fire for blaming community
Raymond Xia (Newsroom): The wariness thwarting our contact tracing
Jamie Morton (Herald): QR scans double amid latest scare – but numbers still too low
Charlotte Muru-Lanning (Spinoff): Not scanning in? Your barista is judging you

NZ-China-Australia relations
Qin Sheng (Global Times): Why New Zealand and Australia’s relations with China are cases of fire and ice?
Daniel Hurst (Guardian): China calls on Australia to follow New Zealand’s lead in how it deals with Beijing
Thomas Manch (Stuff): Trade Minister Damien O’Connor says Australia should ‘follow us and show respect’ to China, causing trans-Tasman tension
Jane Patterson (RNZ): Minister says Australia should follow NZ’s lead on China diplomacy
Zane Small (Newshub): Trade Minister Damien O’Connor under fire after urging Australia to practice ‘more diplomacy’ with China
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan expresses ‘respect’ for Damien O’Connor but criticism mounts over China comments

Peter Dunne (Newsroom): Is the Government now gun-shy on the housing crisis?
John Tookey (Stuff): What Labour must do to ease the housing crisis
Hannah Kronast (Newshub): Kiwi renters told to brace for ‘difficult’, ‘record-breaking’ 2021
Tony Alexander (One Roof): Six reasons why house price madness won’t last
Cathy Odgers: The Reserve Bank’s bold answer to the housing crisis – diversity!
BusinessDesk: Auckland, Wellington rentals now pricier than Sydney (paywalled)
RNZ: Lending restriction increase to cool off residential property investors expected
ODT: New community housing strategy for Christchurch to get more people into homes

National Party
Matthew Hooton (Herald): Covid scare saves Jacinda Ardern once more (paywalled)
Chris Trotter: Judith Collins’ State of the nation speech fails to comfort – or connect
Simon Wilson (Herald): The ‘thrilling’ news about Judith Collins in State of the Nation speech (paywalled)
Brent Edwards (NBR): Can National leader set the right tone in opposition? (paywalled)
No Right Turn: Fixing National’s whiteness problem
Karyn Henger (Herald): Paula Bennett’s untold story: ‘My daughter saved me’

NZ First
Jason Walls (Herald): Senior NZ First MP Tracey Martin resigns from party as it ‘no longer reflects my values’
Jenna Lynch (Newshub): Former New Zealand First MPs Tracey Martin, Jenny Marcroft quit party, citing different values
Katie Scotcher (RNZ): Former MPs Tracey Martin and Jenny Marcroft quit NZ First

Corruption Perception Index
Rachel Sadler (Newshub): New Zealand tied first as least-corrupt country by Corruption Perceptions Index
Catherine Harris (Stuff): Government warned not to ruin corruption-free status
RNZ: NZ, Denmark named as world’s least corrupt countries

Economy and work
Liam Dann (Herald): Economist Ganesh Nana: Beyond the free-market experiment (paywalled)
Anne Gibson (Herald): Māori economy put at $68.7b, workforce up by 100,000 people: new BERL report
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Reserve Bank report tots up $69b of assets in Māori economy
Tina Morrison (Stuff): Trade Me ‘bounced back’ after grinding to a halt during Covid; won’t repay wage subsidy
Jamie Gray (Herald): Covid 19 coronavirus: NZ imports fell sharply in 2020 while exports held their ground – Stats NZ
Hamish Rutherford (Herald): Energy industry shake up: Trustpower says it could sell its retail business
Grant Bradley (Herald): Emirates to continue New Zealand rebuild as Covid-19 recovery steps rolled out(paywalled)

Climate change
Justin Giovannetti (Newsroom): New Zealand’s most important day yet fighting the climate crisis
Zane Small (Newshub): Jacinda Ardern encourages higher spending on cars to reduce emissions as ACT fears for less fortunate
Henry Cooke (Stuff): Government introducing car import rules aimed at lowering emissions and fuel costs, considering incentive scheme for EVs
RNZ: Eco-friendly car import standard legislation to come in this year
No Right Turn: Doing the minimum
The Big Q: Climate change: Is New Zealand doing enough?
Herald: Dunedin Railway Station: Activists lock themselves to tracks to block coal train
Stuart Smith (Stuff): Plans to reduce emissions must not meddle with personal freedoms

Local government
Brian Fallow (Herald): Pressure goes on for water reform (paywalled)
Harry Lock (RNZ): Water meters recall 1970s’ user pays attitude – opponent
Tina Law (Stuff): Christchurch City Council calls for its companies to tackle salary gap
Tara Shaskey (Stuff): Numbers lack as Māori ward petition deadline looms
ODT: Council likely to change its spelling of Wakatipu
Joel MacManus (Stuff): Burst Wellington sewage pipe was found to be at risk of failing in 2018

John Banks Magic Talk radio show
Mitch Harris (Stuff): Does talkback radio have a future?
Mark Jennings (Newsroom): Banks’ blunder a blow for MediaWorks
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Vodafone NZ to draw up ethical advertising policy in wake of Magic Talk debacle
Karl du Fresne: Orwell saw this coming
Duncan Greive (Spinoff): John Banks is the symptom, not the problem
Shilo Kino (Newsroom): ‘Your mana diminishes every time you turn on the news’

Sale of Stuff media
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Suppression lifted on Nine’s statements about Stuff
Sam Hurley (Herald): Aussie media firm Nine Entertainment were resolved to close Stuff before $1 sale to CEO
Hamish McNicol (NBR): Stuff days from shutdown before buyout, judgment reveals (paywalled)

Graham Adams (Democracy Project): Will Ardern back away from new “hate speech” laws?
Simon Wallace (Herald): Critical junction for aged care during Covid 19 coronavirus (paywalled)
Laura Wiltshire (Stuff): Teachers call for more staff to manage ever-increasing workloads
Georgina Campbell (Herald): Victoria University’s new ‘Wellington’ sign reignites name change stoush
Maria Ross and Caroline Parkinson (Stuff): Making a building industry that’s actually environmentally friendly
Kurt Bayer (Herald): Garden City gangland: How the Mongrel Mob is making a big push in the south(paywalled)
Ankur Sabharwal (Stuff): Is 2021 the year that Immigration NZ gets tough on law-breaking employers?
Alison Mau (Stuff): Top singers release open letter after sexual harassment revelations
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Wait – what? Anti-Semitism is going to be added to the Hate Speech fiasco?


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